2014 US & Canada Master the Mainframe Contest Announcement

Registration opens on September 23rd for the 2014 IBM Master the Mainframe Contest, with over $35,000 in prizes up for grabs! The major focus of the contest is to introduce students to an area of the computer field that they may not have had much experience with, and which is currently in a long-term hiring phase. If you think your students might be interested in checking it out (IBM designed the contest to be NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY), please forward this announcement to them.

Contest homepage: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/z/education/academic/masterthemainframe/index.html

Students can find the US & Canada Contest Page on September 23rd, and access the simple registration form, and they’ll find a lively community on our official contest Facebook page.

The contest begins on Monday, October 6 at noon EST, and allows students to log into a mainframe system from their home computers or computer labs to complete increasingly difficult technical challenges for bigger and bigger prizes (T-shirts, IBM swag prize packs, Google Nexus tablets, and trips). If you have any questions about the contest, you can reach the IBM Academic Initiative System z program at zskills. The contest runs through December 31st at midnight EST.

Students who complete Part 2 of the contest will be invited to send their resumes which we then send to enterprise systems employers. Interested recruiters can link up with students through these resumes. Students can also use their mainframe skills to help them apply for the jobs on our System z Job Board at systemzjobs.com.

Good luck to all students who participate!

Flyer attached.

20014 MTMF Contest.pdf