Robots4Us Student Challenge

The Maker Mom just posted a new contest that DARPA is running.

"Open to students in grade 9-12 (high school or homeschool), the contest merely requires students to create a video about how robots can make a difference for our society in the future. The video should be 2-3 minutes long and highlight the benefits of a robot-assisted society. How might robots help families? Schools? Communities? And because it’s DARPA, they also want to know how these future robots will affect national security. {Gah! Flashback to the Tom Cruise bathtub scene in Minority Report* with the spider bots crawling to the building to find him after his eyeball transplant.}

Students may enter in teams of up to 3, but only one gets to attend the award event. Entries will be judged on clarity and creativity of vision, as well as the technical quality of the video.

Five winners and their parents or guardians will receive trips the to DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals this summer, June 5-6, in Los Angeles. On June 7, the winning students will participate in a special event.

Read the full details here. And hurry! The deadline is April 1, 2015."

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