Fun Programming Day for Teens (even if they don’t program) May 30 in Skokie

From a friend of Lane’s CS Department:

The Skokie Library (a few blocks west of the Oakton Yellow Line stop) and I are hosting a Teen Appathon on Saturday, May 30 from 9-6.

Designed for high school students, the event will be similar to a civic hackathon with a focus on creating or prototyping apps to help the community. We’re looking for programmers, design kids and people with good ideas.

The event is FREE and we’ll have bagels, pizza, snacks as well as awesome prizes (Sphero 2.0, Sparkfun Inventors Kit, 2 Chromebooks, a visit to Stel’s office!).

Please help spread the word and encourage students to register to register by May 20. If they don’t have Skokie library cards, they are still welcome to attend. They’ll need to call the contact number on the reg. page rather than complete it online, though.

LMK if you have any questions about the Appathon. I’d love to see some of your students or kids there. And if you’d like to pop in during the day, let me know that, too.


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