Code for Change – June 4th

Join Northern Illinois University’s (NIU) student organization Tech Bark as they host Hack for Change on June 4th, 2016 at the Holmes Student Center at NIU’s campus in DeKalb. Register Now!

Why participate?

Educate your community on the importance of civic hacking

Find creative solutions to local issues in your community

Be part of a national collective experience addressing national and local issues in our communities – Hunger, Housing, and Business Start-up

Northern Illinois University and its student organization, Tech Bark, is the only nationally recognized University Brigade in Code for America. As part of Code for America, Tech Bark and NIU can leverage coding resources and experience of experts involved in civic hacking throughout the USA. This year, Code for America has prepared several Brigade Challenges that we’d love help on. These challenges are related to getting a better idea of what digital government services are like and how they differ across the country.

Challenge: Applying for Food Stamps

Help us make it easier for residents to get the help they need to buy food.

Challenge: Applying for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is important, but not easy to apply for – let’s see how we can improve the process.

Challenge: Applying for a Business License

Starting a business means new jobs and better neighborhoods. Let’s see how hard it is to do that and improve it.

Not sure you want to work on these issues? No Problem! Begin with a problem close to your heart and see what you can do to make it better!

Join community members, local students from DeKalb County area middle and high schools, along with NIU and other college students to Hack for Change! No experience is necessary, simply bring your desire to participate, innovate, and hack for solutions that bring about positive Change!

Brigades are volunteer groups who partner with local governments and community organizations to address local civic issues.

Brigades collaborate with their local governments and community partners because:

The private sector has evolved exponentially over the past decade adopting new technologies and new ways of working, however, local governments have fallen behind.

Brigades apply 21st Century Government Principles to important local problems.

Brigades approach local challenges in partnership with government using iterative, data-driven, user-centered approaches.

It’s not always about an app; it’s about partnering with governments to work on principles of 21st century government that build key capabilities, exciting local citizens to get involved in their government, and showing what’s possible with those connections and meaningful collaboration towards human impact.

The Brigade program provides a framework for organizing a network of people who are interested in raising their hands to use their skills for good, increase civic engagement and improve their communities.

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