Code Shop: 2501 – CS and App Development Competitions

Code Shop: 2501 is our attempt to create a time, place and environment where students can work on projects and competitions that may not fit with any of their class-specific work.  You might be working individually, in pairs or in teams on App Development contests, Programming competitions, Science Fair projects or business ideas;  we’re hoping that Code Shop: 2501 can help connect students with resources and support for whatever projects they’re working on.

We’ll be meeting in 124 after school today (Thursday 9/22) to talk about some of the upcoming  competitions and to brainstorm how this student-led,  teacher-supported effort can move forward.

Each year, there are several interesting CS and App Development competitions that take place throughout the year, and several competitions are already under way.

Congressional App Challenge
Verizon Innovative Learning App Challenge
Breakthrough Junior Challenge
Master The Mainframe