Wolfram Summer Programs Applications Open

Their summer program is for high school students aged 17 or younger.
Apply now to the Wolfram Summer Programs for Science, Technology
& Innovation!

The Wolfram Summer School is a unique educational and career
opportunity to learn and do projects at the frontiers of science,
technology and innovation. Take part in hands-on learning–from
applying Wolfram’s unique approach to creative ideas to turning
those ideas into research, products and companies.

This program will be held from June 18 to July 7 at Bentley
University near Boston, Massachusetts. For more information and
to apply, please visit:

The Wolfram High School Summer Camp is a project-oriented camp
for high-school students, introducing them to cutting-edge
programming, computational thinking and innovative technology.
The camp is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial and
STEM-minded high-school students to learn how to develop and
explore science and technology.

This program will be held from June 25 to July 7, also at Bentley
University. Students must be age 17 or younger as of July 7,
2017, to be eligible. For more information and to apply, please

For details, please visit the FAQ pages or contact us at

Carol Cronin
Education Administrator