Cyber Summer Internships

If you are interested in any of these internship options, please email Mr. Solin before Thursday at jbsolin and include:

Summer Contact Info:
Parent Contact Info:

There are currently 6-8 openings.

1. Cyber Summer Internships

· Accenture will commit to 6 to 8 interns, with rough job descriptions / roles below…

Team Count Role Description
Managed Security Services Offering Development 2 Support Accenture’s growing MSS business by assisting with core asset development, security monitoring approaches, and service delivery improvements
iDefense Threat Intelligence Team 2 Support Accenture’s threat intelligence team by providing data quality services and client research within Accenture’s IntelGraph threat intelligence portal
Accenture Vulnerability Threat Management Team 2 to 4 SWAT team’s primary objective is to rapidly reduce vulnerabilities across Accenture. These vulnerabilities can reside in Accenture servers, applications, and network devices residing on the public Internet. The SWAT team leads meetings to discuss vulnerability reports, obtains remediation dates, identifies risks /issues, and provides SME support. The effort is driven globally across 15+ business units/organization units.

· Interns will be managed by Kevin Richards & Kris Burkhardt’s teams