May 19-20 student-led hack event!

Please see below for a message from one of the CPS students organizing event0, a student hack event happening on May 19-20.



We are Chicode, led by a group of students that want to further computer science in public schools across Chicago! Our end goal is to create a league of hackathons and code meet-ups across the city that are accessible for every CPS student. Throughout the events we will have workshops teaching students various programming languages and technologies, along with mentors to help them get started.

We think that this is the best way to increase student involvement in CS, as these events would provide the community aspect necessary to make coding seem fun and approachable. Our first hackathon, event0, is scheduled May 19-20 at ChiTech Academy High School (1301 W 14th St).

But we need your help! Student involvement is key to make our event happen. We hope you will let your students know about ways to get involved in our organization (whether it be through spending a day at one of our events or getting involved with our organization at a deeper level):

How Your Students Can Attend event0: Just sign up here! We don’t care how much experience they have in computer science as long as they’re passionate. We know this will be the first hackathon a lot of students have attended, so we’ll have plenty of mentors (both college CS majors and industry professionals) on hand to offer guidance.

Potential Leadership Role for an Interested Student: What we need is the contact information of a passionate student that will be able to manage the communications between us and your school — you can submit that through this form. We will work with this student to get your school involved in our event’s outreach as well as any of our other future endeavors!

We hope to hear from you, and feel free to email us if you’re interested in talking about computer science or how you could further get involved.

Thank you so much!

Jack Fetsch


Director of Community Development – Chicode

Junior, Whitney M. Young High School

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