CodeNow Weekend Workshops

21-3-1600x742.jpegJoin CodeNow to learn the technical skills you need to make apps, do well in college, and get internships.
CodeNow has taught over 2,000 high school students how to build apps. Our four-day weekend workshops will help you discover your passion for technology, while our multi-year tech program will allow you to continue practicing throughout high school on your schedule.
CodeNow’s Chicago Intro Tech Workshop will take place on the weekends of October 13-14 & 20-21 (Basecamp – 30 N. Racine Avenue – West Loop). We are looking for driven high school students who are passionate about solving meaningful problems.
If you fit this description, at
Need some more convincing? No problem. Here are some examples of amazing high school students that have participated in CodeNow’s tech program:
“During the program, things came together, and I got really excited about coding. I did not have much of a direction until CodeNow happened.”
“CodeNow opened countless doors for me. They helped me solidify my career path. I’m more sure of my ambitions in technology and combined my love for Computer Science (CS) and fashion!”
“I didn’t like coding at first … but then I did CodeNow, and that’s when I really got started…”
Are you convinced now? If so, apply as soon as possible! The application deadline is Sunday, October 7.
Important Note: CodeNow targets students from underrepresented groups in STEM majors & careers. While tuition for the program is $1,000, most students qualify for scholarships which will reduce the cost to $50.