CS Bits and Bytes on 3D Visualizations of Fossils

This week’s issue explains how 3D visualizations are uncovering new information about fossils. This issue includes a super cool interactive activity with downloadable 3D PDF documents that let you explore a dinosaur vertebrae or ancient crocodile tooth. You can rotate, zoom, and/or view individual slices of each image. Check it out in this week’s issue.


The CS Bits & Bytes Team

Amazon $10K/year CS scholarships

Amazon is investing in scholarships for students pursuing computer science. Students from communities currently underrepresented in tech who have completed or are currently taking an AP CS course and have been accepted to an accredited four-year university can apply for a scholarship award of $10,000 per year for tuition. This award is for students who plan to pursue a CS major in college.


Music Technology, EarSketch, and Georgia Tech

Join us after school this Wednesday November 7th in room 134 to meet a very special guest from Georgia Tech.

Jason Freeman, who is a professor of music technology at Georgia Tech, the chair of the university’s School of Music, and the co-creator of EarSketch, will discuss the field of music technology, identify career paths in music technology, and describe the undergraduate music technology degree at Georgia Tech (http://music.gatech.edu/bsmt). He will also provide an update on the design and development of EarSketch (http://earsketch.gatech.edu) and answer your questions.

Music Technology is an interdisciplinary field that combines music, computing, electrical engineering, psychology, and industrial design. Music technologists not only create music with technology. They also create the software and hardware that help us make music in new ways, and they conduct scientific research that helps us understand how both humans and computers hear music.