Autonomous Vehicle Team Meeting

Update for meeting, date has been moved*

Autonomous Vehicle Team:
Interested in racing autonomous vehicles? Learn how to program and implement autonomous vehicle algorithms similar to those used by Ford Motor Company. Come out to the informational meeting for the Autonomous Vehicle Team. No programming experience needed. Open to 9th-12th graders.

Brief Informational meeting will be on…
Date: Thursday Jan 10
Time: 3:20pm
Location: Room 124.

Check out video of competition:

Guest Speaker – Terian Deveyra


This event has been postponed due to the uncertainty of the next few days. We’ll reschedule it for after the break. When that occurs, we’ll post a new blog post for it.

Terian is a graduate of Lane from 2008 and has gone on to do great things. Her last position was as a software engineer at Github. Her talk will be to dispel the reputation that CS is really hard. She’ll be using examples from her personal journey and talk a bit about other challenges she’s overcome. The talk will be 30 minutes with some time afterwards for Q&A.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to major in CS, pursue a career in CS, or if you have concerns about being a minority in a field that is predominantly white and Asian men, come attend and meet Terian Deveyra.

Date: Thursday, 12/20/2018
Time: 3:30 pm
Location: Room 124

Declare CS as your Lane Concentration!

These are replacing the “majors/tracks” that we have had in the past.  Students who complete specific coursework in their area of concentration will receive the Lane Tech Recognition of Achievement medal at graduation.  Students must declare their area of concentration freshman or sophomore year. 
The Area of Concentration Declaration form must be completed, signed by appropriate staff, and returned to Mrs. Hildebrandt by January 14th. Computer Science Concentration requirements and the declaration form are linked below.  
Only students who complete the declaration form will be granted pre-selection of courses. 
If you have any questions, ask your current CS teacher or reach out to Mr. Law –