BuildChicago Hackathon for HS

BuildChicago by KreativeSunshine is a 24 hour hackathon for high school and university students focused on entrepreneurship in the Chicago area, and the best part is that it’s completely free! Members will be able to create something meaningful or start a new business with access to mentors, workshops, food, and a collaborative space. Register for free at
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University of Nebraska – Raikes School

My name is Lilly Moore and I am a Lane Tech alumna from the graduating class of 2018. Like many of you I had a computer science focus during high school taking classes such as AP Computer Science A, Android Application Development, and Physical Computing Lab.
I know many of you upperclassmen are currently either looking at or applying to colleges and I wanted to reach out and introduce to you a school that is probably not on your radar: the Raikes School at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.
The Raikes School is an elite program with a focus on computer science and business. The school was developed by faculty who previously worked for the Stanford computer science department and wanted to spread their knowledge to a less known University.
All of the specifics of the Raikes School are attached below but I figured I’d pinpoint a few important facts:
  • ~90% out of the 34 students in my cohort(class) had an internship during the summer after their freshman year.
  • 4 of them, including myself :), interned at Microsoft and spent the summer in Seattle as a freshman.
  • Every student in the Raikes School either has or is very close to having a full ride.
  • Every student goes through Design Studio during their last two years which is where they complete a project for a real-world sponsor.
  • 95% of students have a job within three months of graduating.
Aside from academics the Raikes school has introduced me to some of my best friends. It has allowed me to have the experience of a Big 10 school while still enjoying the community you get from going to a small school. It really is the best of both worlds.
The link to UNL application is located here, upon admission to the University you must apply for the honors program and select “Raikes School”.
More information about applying is located in the flier but applications are due November 1st! I’d love to see more Chicago and Lane Tech faces around here!

College Visitation Opportunity for Hispanic and Latinx Students Interested in Engineering

Please see message below..

My name is Adriana Gerena and I am the High School Outreach chair for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. One major part of my position is to host a High School Visitation program, in which we host students from Hispanic/Latinx backgrounds that are interested in engineering at U of I and teach them more about the field and show them why U of I is a good option. This program is absolutely free of charge to the student.

This is a great opportunity because Hispanic and Latinx students are an underrepresented minority in STEM fields, which is something that the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers is trying to change. SHPE’s mission statement is to change lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development. Our High School Visitation program contributes to this by exposing students who may not have access to a lot of STEM education to engineering challenges and have them interact with students of similar backgrounds that are currently studying engineering and can give advice on various aspects of college life.

This program will occur from November 14-17 and applications will close on the 25th of October. I hope that you will forward this application to any students that you think may be interested in this opportunity! I have linked the application below. Feel free to contact me at shpe.uiuc.outreach with any questions.