1 Week Left for Students to Submit their Aspirations in Computing Application!

The Aspirations in Computing Award is due in 1 week!

Applications are due by
November 5th, 1 week from now, at 8:00 p.m. MT. Read more below for deadlines and instructions.
Ohio AiC Awardees photo.
Steps & Deadlines to help students complete their application:

  1. Applicant logs into profile on aspirations.org
  2. Applicant follows steps on dashboard, make sure all steps have a green arrow to indicate completion
  3. Review our Step-by-Step Application Guide
  4. Applicant hits "Submit" by the deadline on November 5th
  5. After submitting, applicant request Educator Endorsement from dashboard (Every CS teacher at Lane would happily endorse you, even if you’re not currently in their class). You can find a list of the CS teachers here or just stop by and talk to one you know.
  6. Educator submits Endorsement by November 12th
  7. If under 18 years-old, applicant’s Parental Approval due by November 12th

Deadline for the educator endorsement is November 12th at 8:00 p.m. MT. Students first must submit their application and then must request educator endorsement through their dashboard.

Here’s a video promo about the award