CodeDay Chicago Open to All!

Check this out! More details below.

From: Anton

My name is Anton and I’m a senior at Northside College Prep.

I help organize CodeDay, an overnight competition that brings together students of different backgrounds to work on creative projects. Although the event is tech-themed, our ultimate goal is to provide a welcoming space for musicians, artists, and coders to join forces and learn from each other.

The next event will take place on November 9-10 in downtown Chicago. This season, we’re trying to break a record in the number of CPS schools represented, so I’d appreciate your help in spreading the word to students. Attached is a handout/poster and a short paragraph to share through a site like Google Classroom. Please make sure to tell your students that we’ll be giving out free laptops (to keep) for anyone who needs them.

I know that your plate is probably very full because of the strike, so I’d appreciate any help you can give!

Thank you!