STEM Opportunity for Girls

Hello, we want to share a STEM opportunity in Illinois for high school girls. The program is called Girls Go CyberStart and registration is now open until Friday February 14th, 2020. There is a huge shortage of cybersecurity experts in the United States. To bridge this gap, Girls Go CyberStart’s mission is to give high school girls the chance to discover whether they have an aptitude for computer science and cybersecurity through a fun, free and interactive online program full of digital challenges. Through Girls Go CyberStart, students can explore exciting career opportunities in the cyber field. For more information on the program and registration details, go to

Girls Go Cyberstart teams are competing for cash prizes!!!!

Music Technology, EarSketch, and Georgia Tech

Join us after school this Wednesday November 7th in room 134 to meet a very special guest from Georgia Tech.

Jason Freeman, who is a professor of music technology at Georgia Tech, the chair of the university’s School of Music, and the co-creator of EarSketch, will discuss the field of music technology, identify career paths in music technology, and describe the undergraduate music technology degree at Georgia Tech ( He will also provide an update on the design and development of EarSketch ( and answer your questions.

Music Technology is an interdisciplinary field that combines music, computing, electrical engineering, psychology, and industrial design. Music technologists not only create music with technology. They also create the software and hardware that help us make music in new ways, and they conduct scientific research that helps us understand how both humans and computers hear music.

Tech Art Club

Today, tomorrow and Friday are club days. I wanted to introduce all of you to a club that I run at Lane Tech called, Tech Art. Oddly enough…we combine art and technology to create cool things. This club is for anyone…you do not have to be a master computer scientist. Invite your friends who aren’t in CS too! No problem. Tell them how cool I am, they’ll want to join!

We meet in room 134 on Thursdays after school.

Ms. Woz

October CS Student of the Month

On behalf of the Computer Science Department, Mr. Solin chose Kate Chambers as the recipient of this month’s Computer Science Student of the Month Award. Kate has taken multiple CS courses here at Lane and continues to excel in her work. She is currently taking Microarchitecture and Logic Design with Mr. Solin. Kate participates regularly, has a positive outlook during collaboration with other students, and has volunteered to help students struggling in the course. Congratulations Kate!


CS Student of the Month – February

The Computer Science Department has selected Angel Carbajal as the Student of the Month for the month of February.

Mr. Berg selected Angel not only because he has an exemplary work ethic in class, but also because of his dedication to Codelab where he is currently contributing to a number of technology projects to improve systems at Lane, including an updated, apps for student use and hallway displays. He continually works to build on his knowledge of the subject and has a willingness to share and work with others in class and Codelab.  He is highly respected by his peers and also by the faculty of the CS department at Lane.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.