Media Comp Mixx Off

The 3rd annual Media Comp Mixx Off will take place next week Tuesday after school in room 124. The six finalists this year are:

  • Dean Roeser
  • Nick Udell
  • Kimi Heimsoth
  • Pierce Myers
  • Huy Nguyen
  • Franklin Lu

Come out and vote for your favorites!Mix Off Flyer

First Ever CS Student of the Month

The Lane Tech Computer Science Department would like to congratulate Aidan Lallas for winning the Computer Science Student of the Month Award for the month of October, 2016. Miss Wozniak selected Aidan for this award because of her willingness to use her personal time to help Miss Wozniak integrate Sound Engineering with Media Computation. Aidan exemplifies the type of student who is successful in computer science in that she never gives up on a problem and is very resourceful in finding new ways to solve problems.

If you know Aidan, please congratulate her on receiving this award.

NCWIT Application Help Take Two!

Hey ladies!

So you weren’t able to come last Monday to room 235 with Miss Woz for some application help?  No problem! We’re going to be at it again this Monday (Oct. 26th) only with some EXTRA help.  Mrs. Feuer (English) is going to stop by to give us some advice and help on how to best express ourselves in our answers to the application questions.  It’s important to take an English essay writing approach when you are writing out your answers to the application questions.  With so many applicants, we need to find ways to stand out, and this can best be accomplished through our writing!

The application deadline is November 4th.  Let’s try to surpass the number of winners from last year!

Over and Out!

Miss Woz

NCWIT Application Get Together

Hey Ladies – I know you want to apply for the NCWIT Aspirations Award but you’re wondering when you have the time to do it! Well, that time is Monday (Oct. 19th) after school in Room 235 with Miss Woz.  Let’s get together and get those apps done well before the Oct. 26th deadline!  I’ll be here if you need ideas, encouragement, inspiration or snacks! Yes, I’ll bring some snacks too. We had fourteen winners last year; let’s see if we can top that!!

Capture the Flag Competition

EasyCTF 2015 (October 3-10)
Ready for EasyCTF? We are! EasyCTF is a national, online, high school hacking contest that aims to open the door to computer science and cybersecurity for students all around the country, and is an excellent and legal way for students to get some hands-on experience, with more than 1,000 participants competing on over 700 teams. The contest features many classic CTF problem categories such as binary, forensics, and crypto, as well as a brand new programming category, featuring a live program grader, for introductory problems. There is also prep materials for new students. We’re offering $1k in prizes for winning teams.
The contest will run from October 3-10; sign up at today!

Media Comp Mix Off

Come out and support Lane Tech’s first ever Media Comp Mix Off.  Students from the Media Computation classes have been working hard on creating their songs and will be having a head to head competition in the cafeteria after school on June 2nd. After the classroom battle rounds, six students will have emerged to go head to head at the main event and YOU’RE INVITED! Come out and vote for your favorites and support your fellow computer science classmates.