What do you like?  What do you think is important?  Art?  Music?  Engineering?  Playing games?  Sports?  Making the world a better place?  Politics?  Language?  Film?  Books?  Medicine?  Law?  Relationships?  Social justice?  Anything and everything?

All of these are being changed through the tools of computing, and if you understand those tools, you’ll be better able to make our world (from the individual level to the global level) more the type of world you want for you, your friends, your family and everyone.

Thanks to Google, girls and young women at U.S. public high schools who complete an introductory JavaScript curriculum will receive a $100 DonorsChoose.org gift code to put toward awesome resources for your school.

Here’s how it works

Students work through one of the intro computer science courses from Khan Academy and Codecademy ; neither course requires any coding experience to learn.  Check with your teacher to see if he or she offers extra credit for completing the course.

Lane Tech students should attend a short introductory workshop to get started;  after that, you can work on your own or continue to join us for regular after school sessions.

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