Fidget Spinners Competition at Inventables

This competition is open to anyone, however if you have completed or are currently enrolled in the Innovation and Creation Lab course at Lane, Mr. Solin will donate all machine time and provide all materials (including bearings) for students that are interested in participating.

From Inventables:

The first community challenge is to make a toy. By each of us contributing one, together we’ll create a kind of toy store. Think of it as a virtual toy store. We’ll start with a single toy…the Fidget Spinner. Amazon has about 2,000 fidget spinners for sale and Etsy has about 3,000. We want all the spinners to be unique and interesting. That gives us the opportunity to exercise our creative and technical muscles. If you submit a unique fidget spinner design there are four levels of rewards you can win up to $115 in Inventables gift cards.

Check out the full contest details and instructions.