Lane Tech Computer Science Fair

Interested in learning about app development? Websites? Programming? Robotics? Want to investigate if the computer science field is for you?

CS Fair Overview: Identify a problem that can be solved by using one of the categories below:

Android Application (MIT App inventor, Eclipse, etc )
Video Game using Alice, Scratch. . etc
Open Division: (Program writing in any language or robotics)

Zero experience? Beginner? Intermediate or advanced? All are welcome to participate!

You will receive an email with helpful learning resources and a link to register for the Computer Science Fair by Feb 17. The CS fair will take place during a School day April. There will be big prizes include and opportunities to learn from current industry gurus.

Still not sure if you want to give it a try? In Oct 2013 a Scanner app to solve a price problem was featured on Shark Tank. By Jan 2014 this company was net worth $7 million dollars.

A Cybersecurity Competition For High School Students

HSCTF, an online competition which will educate high school students across the country about computer security, runs from May 18-25, 2014. Competitors in High School Capture the Flag (or HSCTF) will learn computer science skills, and use ingenuity to discover a series of increasingly hard to find “flags” encrypted, hidden, or otherwise stored somewhere difficult to access.

While HSCTF is primarily about educating students in computer security, it will also include other computer science topics such as programming, algorithm design, and programming language design. The approach is unique in that it extends the CTF model to other areas of computer science.

HSCTF is inspired by Carnegie Mellon’s enormously successful picoCTF:

To learn more, see sample problems, and sign up to receive more information about registration, visit:

For questions, contact Jacob Edelman, HSCTF Lead Founder/Organizer at: