Narrative Science and Fast Forward Labs (Free Event)

By: Narrative Science and Fast Forward Labs

Event Description

In today’s world of rapid innovation, technologists’ ability to explain and educate on the business applications of new technologies is as valuable as their ability to build new tools. Successful, widespread adoption won’t occur unless non-technical audiences can grasp how technologies affect their day-to-day tasks, reduce the near-term bottom line or promote long-term vision and strategy.

This session introduces an ongoing series about how emerging technologies work and what questions companies should ask as they select and implement them. Lead by Hilary Mason, CEO of Fast Forward Labs, and Kris Hammond, Chief Scientist of Narrative Science, this first session will clear up some of the hype around artificial intelligence and how large enterprises and small businesses alike can apply intelligent technologies in their existing businesses. Hilary and Kris will discuss the modern landscape of technology innovation, machines’ ability to communicate with us, and how Natural Language Generation can support businesses’ data and information strategies.

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WHENWednesday, November 18, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (CST) – Add to CalendarWHERE1871 – 2.01 classroom – 222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza. #1212. Chicago, IL 60654 – View Map

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